Lo Strutto (lard)

Strutto is obtained by melting the adipose tissue of the pig and it looks like a white and compact cream. It is largely used in cooking both for frying and as ingredient of many different recipes. Adding lardo in the texture of any paste makes it more friable and gives it taste and crispness. It is also used in bakery and confectionery products. As it smokes at very high temperature it is excellent in frying, in fact it is used to fry fish, Gnocco Fritto, chips and typical Carnival sweets (Frappe o Chiacchiere). Some typical Italian recipes require the use of strutto: Piadina romagnola, l’Erbazzone reggiano (Reggio Emilia), Tigelle modenesi (Modena), seadas and pardulas sarde (Sardinia), cannoli siciliani(Sicily) and other regional specialities.

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