La Coppa di Testa

Coppa di Testa is an authentic Italian speciality. It is very savoury, it is made by a mixture of tongue and lean meat, from the head of the pig. The mixture is roughly minced, cooked and then sacked, still warm, in natural gut or in a particular juta sack. Coppa di Testa is then flavoured with pistachio, orange, lemon, garlic or vinegar, according to the local traditions. It may be consumed in slices or dices. Sweet taste, tender stiffness it is particularly recommended as entry dish or it is served together with bread, bruschette (toasted slice of bread dressed with olive oil, salt and garlic) or traditional products such as Tigelle, Gnocco Fritto and Piadina. It is also ideal to add flavour to polenta. It is excellent served with red and white full-bodied wines.

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