Il Lardo (lard) and Il Guanciale (lard from the pig’s cheek)

Il Lardo alle Erbe (Lard with herbs) and Il Guanciale(lard from the pig’s cheek) Stagionato (seasoned). Production of seasoned Lardo alle Erbe starts from the search of the best fresh meats available on the Italian market. After being accurately processed, the meat is salted to end its process by seasoning.  Lardo alle Erbe is sweet and flavoured and it melts as in the mouth as on a bruschetta (toasted slice of bread dressed with olive oil, salt and garlic), releasing its unmistakable taste. Guanciale Stagionato (lard from the pig’s cheek) comes from the pig’s cheek meat processed, which is trimmed and shaped. The final result is a selected product, drop-shaped and covered with a slight patina of black pepper.

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