I ciccioli morbidi (Tender ciccioli)

Ciccioli Tradizionali and Ciccioli Campagnoli (from the countryside,  defined “I Grasol”) represent a typical regional cold meat specialty. According to tradition they were the cooked waste parts of the pork meat, but today, the parts used are actually the trimming throat and the finest parts of the pork. Ciccioli Tradizionali after being cooked for a long time are flavoured pressed and result in their characteristic shape, the typical square slice. Ciccioli Campagnoli are still pressed in a very homemade way, inside a sack that gives them the typical low and round shape. Ciccioli Campagnoli are more refined also in their mixture made of bacon and throat parts and selected spice. They can be eaten as sliced cold cuts together with traditional local gastronomy products such as Gnocco Fritto, Tigelle, Piadina. They can also be diced and used to flavour polenta or other cold courses.

I Ciccioli Napoli  (I Cigoli) is a typical cold cut from Campania mainly used in Naples. Cigoli can be made of bacon or throat. In both cases the fresh raw meat is cooked, salted and pressed in a round shape. Cigoli are usually cut in thick slices and served with some extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of pepper. We recommend white full-bodied wine of the Campania area.

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