I ciccioli croccanti (crispy)

The consume of Crispy Ciccioli is spread all over Italy. The regional recipes are different depending on the part of meat used, type of curing, cut and final shape of the product. There is a wide range of Crispy Ciccioli, different from region to region, and the company can satisfy any particular demand. Greppole are made by cooking selected parts of pork meat. While they cook, their fat part turns into lard and the lean part becomes friable, as a crisp. Depending on the recipe the product is pressed in a round shape (Frolli = friable) or packaged in a tub. Ciccioli Croccanti (Crispy) are widely used in aperitifs and traditional tasty dishes. We suggest matching them with Modena traditional Vinegar. A part from beer, Lambrusco and Pignoletto are excellent wines to match with Ciccioli Croccanti.

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